• 01 | Nov'19
    LSUA Foundation Receives $324,000 Gift for Student Scholarships

    The LSUA Foundation has received a philanthropic contribution from the Louisiana Charities Trust to award six “full-ride” student scholarships. The gift was given in loving memory of the late Mr. Scott O. Brame, who was a founding board member of the LSUA Foundation in 1991.  

    These contributions will award four full-ride scholarships to Long-Term Care Administration students and two full-ride scholarships to Clinical Nursing students. These scholarships will include all costs of attendance: tuition, fees, books, housing, and meal plans. This annual commitment, based on today’s costs, is valued at an estimated $18,000 per scholarship. 

    These competitive scholarships will be awarded beginning in the spring of 2020. In that year, one senior Long-Term Care Administration student and one senior Clinical Nursing student will each receive a full-ride scholarship. The number of scholarships awarded will gradually increase per year until six scholarships have been awarded. The annual philanthropic commitment will increase per year based on the number of students receiving the award, not to exceed $108,000 per year. 

    “LSUA would like to thank LA Charities and the family of Mr. Scott O. Brame for their investment in the education of our students studying Long-Term Care Administration,” says Dr. Haywood B. Joiner, Jr., Chair, LSUA Department of Allied Health. “Through this scholarship, Mr. Brame’s legacy will forever be remembered. This gracious gift will provide LSUA students, who may not otherwise be able to do so, the opportunity to achieve their academic and professional goals to become Long-Term Care Administrators. Our students will be able to provide compassionate, high-quality health care to residents here in Central Louisiana and across the state.” 

    “The Department of Nursing is extremely grateful to the family of Mr. Scott O. Brame and LA Charities for their generous support of LSUA Clinical Nursing students,” says Dr. Cathy Cormier, RN, Chair, LSUA Department of Nursing. “Our nursing students face many challenges in pursuing their dream of becoming a nurse. This scholarship opportunity will be life-changing and will make it possible for their dreams to become reality.”

    LSUA is proud to partner with fellow LSU campuses for the largest campaign for higher education in Louisiana state history. Fierce for LSUA aims to set all LSUA students up for success. This gift in honor of Mr. Scott O. Brame will provide a special opportunity for students to receive scholarships of incredible value, and empower the recipients to achieve high levels of success.

    -Sarah Black-

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